List of projects


A Cyborg Manifesto Porno-graphingDefinition of AbundanceArtist BarECA degree show cataloguePublic! Notice!


Visual Culture in BritainLet's get talking (ish)!Pulp PressGreed Control




A Cyborg Manifesto

This publication was designed as reading material to accompany Janina Frye’s exhibition, People are nowhere near so fluid under the project Sense & Sensibility at Onomatopee. The concept is developed from the idea that to become a cyborg is to have an extension of the body; it visualises the fluidity of the self.


A zine to introduce Onomatopee 153, of academic writing by Anna-Maria Pinaka.

Definition of Abundance

A risograph printed publication to support Jennifer Moon's The Revolution comes to Eindhoven as part of We Are The Market! project.

Artist Bar

Identity and printed matter to advertise Artist Bar evenings at Onomatopee.

ECA degree show catalogue 2017

I had the opportunity to work on the first student-run Degree Show Catalogue for my own graduation year. This collaborative project involved organisation of submissions, curation, and design. We designed the layout to be transparent and clinical as we wanted each student’s design work to display on the spreads with minimum distraction.
collaboration with Leon Brown, Helena Denis and Alison Geddes.

Public! Notice!

On the 13-17 February 2017, 109 ECA and Fife college students came as one force: Weapons of Mass Communication. Together, we tackled 8 issues around the topic of sustainability and the environment; food waste, energy consumption and fast fashion to name a few. The aim of the brief is to engage with the public of Edinburgh, to inform them and change perception, about how little changes can help make a big difference. The week's activity resulted in an exhibition, Public! Notice!, where outcomes were showcased.
As part of the core team, we produced a set brief for all participants and art direct each project. Additionally, I dealt with administration tasks; managed programmes, set timetables, and organised locations, health and safety, and other logistics along the way.
Collaboration with Abbie Swan, Giulia Findlay-Wilson, Julia Madge and Eva Gilder-Hodgson.


Visual Culture in Britain

The rebrand of the journal tackles the term high-art and aims to neutralise art and artistic practice. Spreads are tailored for articles, reviews, and interviews, was legible, clinical and suitable for academic reading.

Let's get talking (ish) !

This project started as a space and platform to encourage like-minded people at the festival to network and exchange ideas within an easily accessible environment, in order to initiate more conversation outside of mentor and friendship groups. The idea generation was instant and based on our experiences at the start of the brief. The design choices made were simple but straightforward. We focused on making it fast and questionable, yet at the same time it still holds the values of being approachable and inviting.
This project was awarded 3rd place for GDFS upcoming designer.
collaboration with Amy Robson.

Pulp Press

A collaboration with a fellow creative director for the Professional Practice course. Pulp Press was founded and built around our shared passion for the outdoors, and our interests in publications and prints. We wanted to combine the contemporary practice in graphic design whilst celebrating traditional methods of production.
I took care of core organisation work; notifying candidates about interviews, keeping track of documents, account and finance, and creating an agenda and outlines for meetings and outcomes. As one of the directors, my input is also to come up with design solutions and art direction for challenging live briefs as well as our own assigned projects, and oversee our junior members' outcomes and critiques.
Collaboration with Hayley Duckett.

Greed Control

This project was influenced by the fact that online purchases are so accessible nowadays, which makes spending money easier. The aim of Greed Control is to help users decide what they really want to buy and to not make split-second decisions; giving in to impulsive purchases, ultimately tackling the act of excessive consumption. Greed Control is a proposed add-on prototype that can be installed on browsers to limit online purchases to be done in an instant. I developed a simple equation to the add-on to come up with x hours that users will have to wait until they can make a purchase, inserting input of hourly income, price of the item, necessity rating and personalised category rankings.



A research project to the heart of the highlands, in Perthshire to find out about living off-the-grid; camping in the cold, by the shore of loch Tay, and historically; how the scots lived in crannogs in the past.